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  • Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.
    Inside the Mind of a Writer

    As a freelance writer it is likely you find yourself facing a daily internal battle in your attempts at making a success of your work. We all have good days when we write productively and feel good about ourselves. Other days may not be so good. The dreaded writers block hits us. We struggle to […]

  • The art of blogging is to reflect yourself onto the outside world, sharing your interests with the people that matter, the reader.
    Being a Successful Blogger

    There are now as many types of blogs as there are types of people. Type ‘blog’ into a search engine and you will undoubtedly find something worth reading, whether or not they match your personal interests. Some online writers use a blog to share their personal life, an online diary to which we are invited […]

  • Blogging
    How to Choose a Blog Topic: What Should You Blog About?

    Blogging is one of the best marketing tools used by freelance writers to showcase their writing skills to prospective  as well as existing clients. For one to have a successful blog, they must know the basics of  running a personal blog. You must know what works and what doesn’t. First things first, how do you […]

  • Blogging for freelance writers
    Why Every Freelance writer Needs to Start a Blog

    Freelance writers are writers who write for money. So, why do they need to start blogging? How to start a blog is a story for some other day. Let’s first find out why every freelance writer needs to start a blog. You can then decide if the following are good-enough reasons. Start a Blog to […]