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How to Choose a Blog Topic: What Should You Blog About?

Blogging is one of the best marketing tools used by freelance writers to showcase their writing skills to prospective  as well as existing clients. For one to have a successful blog, they must know the basics of  running a personal blog. You must know what works and what doesn’t.

First things first, how do you decide on what to write about? You must  have heard that a blog’ s topic determines how much traffic you get and so it is a matter of importance to come up with a subject that works best for you and your freelancing career.


What Are Your Interests?

You must choose a subject that you will  have fun writing about. Are you a tech savvy person, always among the first to know when there is a new toy in town ? A tech-gadgetry blog would work for you .

What are your interests?

What are your interests?

Someone who loves  food, the kitchen and  discovering new recipes would do good with a recipe blog. Travel-holics will find a lot of fun in running a travel blog.

I a nutshell, find a topic or subject that excites you, one that will not put you through too much sweat to write about.


Take Advantage of Your Expertise

You must have some technical skills that you acquired in  college , university or wherever. Take advantage of your knowledge and blog about it. Having prior expert knowledge about a subject enables you to write authoritatively, without fear of  not getting it right.It helps you have a smooth flow of thoughts unlike  a  writer attempting  to do a technical piece about a field  they have no clue about.

Trained doctors will always do better medicine blogs than Engineers. Don’t you agree?


Choose your area of expertise

Choose your area of expertise


How many people would be interested in what you plan to write about? Picture this: One writer blogs about coal mining while another picks on relationships. You naturally know which one of them is likely to get an unpaid- for following. That is how it works.

Write about a topic that interests an attractive fraction of your target readers.

How much traffic does your topic attract?

How much traffic does your topic attract?