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These 10 ideas should help keep you inspired and recall that Rome wasn’t built in a day!
What to Do When You’re Frustrated with Freelance writing.

You started freelance writing to get away from the routine of everyday life right? Are you currently feeling burned out, and like you cannot possibly support yourself full time? Don’t worry, this is a common dilemma.Here are ten ways to stop yourself from giving up on your dream of being a successful, full time, freelance writer.

Set new goals.

If you set new goals, you will often find you feel newly invigorated and motivated to continue toward your dream of freelance writing

Remember your reasons for starting freelance writing.Remember that horrible desk and day job? You don’t want to go back to that, do you? Write down why you started this journey in the first place.

Try a different niche.

If you feel burnt out, try writing about something you absolutely love and pitch that work.You might find a brand new niche that you adore, which will inspire your writing again.

Take a break.

Sometimes all one needs is a break from freelance writing to feel better about it when they return, most writers find they miss it after a while.

Do something else for a bit.

Go do an administrative assignment or something totally unrelated to your freelance writing work. It can give you a new perspective as well as an appreciation for what you do.

Get inspired.

Read articles about successful people, dream about your own success, visualise and look around you for inspiration. Look to blogs, books, and photos. It can be anything; once inspiration hits it can bring you back to the writing you love.

Write for fun.

Write a silly article about toys or something silly and frivolous. These are easy writes and will return the feeling of happiness when it comes to writing.

Seek more/new clients.

Aggressively seek more clients. If you want to support yourself and your family, this is what you have to do. Pitch more, look for opportunities, and market yourself a bit more.

Change your environment.

Sometimes all you need to do is change where you are. Sometimes sitting down at a desk to slog through writing is tough. To make it interesting, go to a co-working space or work outside.

Enjoy the journey.

Remember that this lifestyle takes time. Assess what you are being paid, if it is what you are worth, as well as seeking more work, and never hesitate to use another talent to help you support your work. You can add photography, web page building, coding. All of these things will help you create income and can help alleviate the time and stress involved when building your freelance writing business.


These 10 ideas should help keep you inspired and recall that Rome wasn’t built in a day!