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  • In order not to meet ugly surprises, it is always advisable for writers to read writing agencies' Terms and Conditions before signing any contract.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Agencies

    It is understandable for one to be doubtful when getting into a new area of work and most new freelance writers have many questions about freelance writing. Today we answer the most frequent of them so that you do not have to keep wondering anymore.   What is Freelance Writing? Simply put, freelance writing is […]

  • Successful people
    5 Things Successful People Never Do

    All of us are chasing success in our lives; careers, businesses or relationships. Until we have tasted success, we never seem to understand what it takes to stay successful and a successful person will tell you that it is more difficult to stay at the top than to get there. What keeps successful people at […]

  • Surprised freelance writer
    5 Untold Facts about Freelance Writing

    How did you get to know about freelance writing? Maybe from a friend who told you all the amazing facts about freelance writing. They told you that this is the easiest way to make money out of your writing skills and that is very true. However, I wish to burst your bubble, with the intention […]

  • A happy freelance writer
    How To Make the Most Out of a Freelancing Career

    So you have decided to go freelancing full time? That’s a really good decision you made there. However, that you made the big leap is not a guarantee that you will be joining the millionaires’ club in a snap. You have just began a tough journey, and you are traveling a lonely and rough path. […]

  • Great Freelance Writers
    5 Qualities That Make Great Freelance Writers

    Whatever we do, all of us are working towards a common goal; success. Everybody wants to make it or at least be the best in their field. Freelance writers are not any different. We want to make the best out of this venture and prove to ourselves that we made no mistake in deciding to […]

  • You Have No Idea What You've Gotten into
    Freelance Writing: Six Reasons Why You Will Never Make it

    Freelance writing is a serious venture , just like banking, hospitality management, medicine and the rest. One has to view it this way if they are to make it. Writing for money proves that you reap what you sow and successful writers will most probably attest to that fact. It is a matter of give […]

  • Writer at the beach
    Reasons Why You Should Take Freelance Writing Seriously

    Do you call what you do freelance writing? Maybe. You take up an order or two in a month or even less sometimes. It doesn’t matter much what you get since you already have an alternative source of ‘reliable’ income and so you have no reason to care too much what happens to your side […]