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  • 4 Success mantras in freelance writing
    4 Success Mantras for Freelance Writers

    The secrets to success in freelance writing are known to just a few persons but smart people will always find their way through tricky situations. Ask successful freelance writers how they got to the top and you will hear at least four success mantras that they have remained loyal to since they started off. #1.Choose […]

  • In order not to meet ugly surprises, it is always advisable for writers to read writing agencies' Terms and Conditions before signing any contract.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Agencies

    It is understandable for one to be doubtful when getting into a new area of work and most new freelance writers have many questions about freelance writing. Today we answer the most frequent of them so that you do not have to keep wondering anymore.   What is Freelance Writing? Simply put, freelance writing is […]