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  • Technical writing jobs are yours for the taking. You only need to take the leap and watch yourself earn money. Don't let fear hold you back from earning and learning.
    Money!!! The Best-Paying Technical Writing Fields

    Why do freelance writers hate/ fear/avoid technical writing jobs? Is it because they cause you  too much sweat?  Not many people like to get tired and if we had our way, we would be  lazying around all day and night. Technical writing demands too much from writers and that’s why only a few of them […]

  • As a freelance writer, you may have a busy week of your own. You need to prioritise your time and organise your work in such a way that you are not overwhelmed. So, how can you organise your work to maximise on productivity?
    How to Organise Your Work in Freelance Writing

    Many freelance writers juggle several projects at a time. For example, I have a set number of pieces I want to accomplish this week. This includes completing my articles for Falcon Writers;  reviewing a novel for a publishing company; contributing articles for several websites; and if I get the time, continue work on my novel […]

  • Often the behaviour we have exhibited in the past remains consistent in our future. As a freelance writer, this can have negative effects on your work now and the future. You don’t need a time machine to predict your future behaviour. It is already a part of you.
    Learning From the Past to Shape Your Future

    Without being in possession of a time machine, we cannot predict the future. It is unlikely that  we have the knowledge to build a time machine either and there are currently no courses or manuals telling  how to. However imagine yourself when you were younger. Consider that younger, probably smaller version of yourself, and what […]

  • Email need not be the archaic means of communication. You have a voice to be heard and regular contact with your readership will enable you to do that. Explore the use of email and hopefully interest in you and your online writing will grow
    Getting Started With an Email Newsletter

    In this internet savvy age it is now even easier than ever before to stay in touch with people interested in your freelance writing.  Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are a great way to post links to your recent work. There are many sites out there that also enable you to create your […]

  • Comparing yourself to others is a thankless task. It provokes feelings of envy, jealousy, anger and contempt for you. You were never made to be anybody else other than who you are. Start embracing yourself.
    Writing Tips: Grass isn’t Greener on the Other Side

    You definitely have a favorite writer that you admire and look up to. Perhaps it is a great novelist, an elegant blog writer, or an intrepid and adventurous journalist. You read their work with awe. You love the author’s ability to drag you into an imaginary world of immensely creative fiction. Is it the blog […]

  • What do you want to accomplish ? Write down all the ideas you have. This could include increasing your visibility on social networking sites, finding an agent, learning new skills, or something as simple as setting your alarm clock. Write down anything that will enhance your career as a writer, and try to set goals that are achievable for you. Think big but consider the time span of each goal you set. You want to be able to meet those goals realistically and not be disappointed when you don’t.
    How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in Freelance Writing

    It is easy to become a lazy freelance writer. You need to set a number of goals each week, avoiding too much flexibility, and creating realistic working hours. You might want to be a well-known writer, possibly crave a little fame, and want some financial incentive for your penmanship. However if you don’t add a […]

  • My point is that we should begin to write and not leave it till another day. We can tell ourselves that we will begin to take it more seriously one day but when? I have attempted to make a new start, and I hope that you, if circumstances can allow it, will attempt too as well. Your life is a work in progress and time is short.
    Reviving Your Freelance Career

    First, a disclaimer; I am a relatively new freelance writer. Therefore please do not expect any life altering revelations in the following article. My intention here is to encourage you to write. Yes, I am sure you are reading this because you already do write, or have an interest in writing, but perhaps you will […]

  • In order not to meet ugly surprises, it is always advisable for writers to read writing agencies' Terms and Conditions before signing any contract.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Agencies

    It is understandable for one to be doubtful when getting into a new area of work and most new freelance writers have many questions about freelance writing. Today we answer the most frequent of them so that you do not have to keep wondering anymore.   What is Freelance Writing? Simply put, freelance writing is […]