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  • As you write, we wish you every success, whatever that means to you.
    Defining Success As a Freelance Writer

    As a freelance writer there are a number of ways you can define success. Consider the following and see if any of them relate to you.   Financial. Writing may be a passion but your idea of success is to make money from your work. Be it fiction or non fiction you rate success by […]

  • Take time to hone your writing into something you are really proud of. Edit what you need too by cutting out the waffle and replacing it with something more relevant. Read and reread it until you are as happy as you can be with it.
    Becoming a Better Writer

    You may or may not have a natural talent for writing. It may be easy for you to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and produce something entertaining and informative in half an hour. Does that mean you’re any good? You might think so but what if somebody else disagrees? Are you prepared […]