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  • Many of these things have actually happened, so most clients are reasonable about accepting them, but try to be honest in your dealings with your clients, it makes for better relationships, as well as repeat work!
    7 Lies Freelance Writers Tell Their Clients

    There are times when a writer may be behind on a project or is suffering from writer’s block and  having a hard time getting the project done. Something like this may warrant a little white lie to get a bit more time while not angering the client. These are the desperate measures  writers take in […]

  • These are all legitimate ways to make money online and it should just be a matter of picking the one that makes the most sense for you and sticking to it.
    10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

    You may be a person who is already comfortable online and you may already be making money online as well. But perhaps you need a little more money? Maybe you have a decent salary but you’d like to get a bit extra on the side without too much stress or hassle? Here are ten ways […]

  • These are only two ideas, but very important to your continued success as a freelancer. If you keep these in mind you are likely to increase your bottom line and maintain your happiness and avoid burnout.
    2 Freelancing Mistakes To Avoid in 2016

    If you’ve been freelancing for a while you may have made a few mistakes. If you are like many people who make resolutions at the start of the year, here are a couple that will help make 2016 a better year for you. You will have an exceptional year in freelancing if you can avoid […]

  • Does technical writing sound difficult or tough to you? It won’t be if you break it down into a series of easy to do and understand tips.
    Demystifying Technical Writing

    Does technical writing sound difficult or tough to you? It won’t be if you break it down into a series of easy to do and understand tips. Technical writing is a bit more complicated than the usual content writing. It requires a bit of structure and it is very analytical. Here is a great way […]

  • There's so much more that happens while working from home that makes it less fun but with the right course of action, you can make it much more easy for you. With the right steps, you'll easily learn to respect your work and so will others.
    Working From Home: The Hard Facts

    Isn’t life interesting that people who have office jobs  wish they could work from home while those who work from home wish they had an office?  Where do you prefer to work from? Home or office? Many people will choose ‘home’ without wasting time but soon enough, they realise that working from home is not […]

  • Here is some advice for those of you who showcase your writing through your own personal website; some tips for that ‘About Me’ page which will draw people into engaging with your life and your work. Read on, for this article is all about you!
    Creating an ‘About Me’ Page For Your Website

    Should you have your own website one of the most important pages is the ‘About Me’ page. The page that tells your readers who you are. The page that tells your readers why you are a writer, your inspirations, a little life story, and why the reader should spend more time at your site. The […]

  • It is easy to break out of routine when freelancing so try and set yourself a target for the day. I usually go for a short walk or drive before I start working so I have that feeling of coming back to work rather than just rolling out of bed and crawling to my computer (which I did this morning!).
    “I Enjoy Working in My PJs,” Says UK-based Falcon Writer

    I woke up this morning and after enjoying a comfortable extra hour in bed, unburdened by a 9 to 5 job, I began to write, dressing gown and pajama attired and cup of tea in hand. It’s not easy being a freelance writer but it does offer flexibility and I don’t have to wear a […]