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  • freelance writers have much to look forward to as there are still many opportunities, the only things they need worry about are a bit more competition and making sure they make the effort to improve and take courses and writing classes to make their writing stand out among the all the others.
    2016 Employment Outlook for Freelance Writers

    The current outlook for freelance writers has never looked brighter. It is more lucrative than ever and there are more opportunities with new mediums and need, the options are ever growing. The projected growth of the industry is in constant flux, with numbers going up and down with media changing the outlook.   Despite all […]

  • Here’s to a new year, and you becoming the writer you want to be.
    New Year’s Resolutions For Writers

    It’s that time of year again, and amongst writers it’s time to decide what resolutions we’d like to set for the upcoming year. Are you looking for some ideas? Here are a few:   Write it. Yes, we mean the book, autobiography, bestselling novel, whatever it is; it is time to write it. Just start […]