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  • working on the wrong order 2
    How to handle an urgent order

    Some writers, when on an urgent order, all they do is forget about everything including the order itself. When they start writing, they start writing everything that comes to their fingers and not their minds. This because of the pressure associated with writing an urgent paper. That is how a writer, given an history paper, […]

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    A world without writers, would it evolve?

    You just finished that $900 order you have been working on close to a month, only two minutes ago, and you just want to sleep for 36 consecutive hours. So you are not listening to anything less than a lullaby song! Only writers know this, the merry-go-round you find yourself riding in while in bed […]

  • Freelance Writer
    The Basic Essentials for Starting Freelance Writing

    It is true that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With freelance writing , you will also need to makeĀ  a bold first step in this journey. You need to begin somewhere and have a goal which you want to achieve in the end. So, what do you need to […]

    Reasons Why is the Best Freelance Writing Agency

    All freelance writers have one thing in common: they want to write and get paid without a fuss. Every freelancer needs to have a partner they can trust to walk with them through their journey towards success in freelance writing. provides a lasting partnership to freelance writers asĀ  has been for over five years. […]

  • Academic Freelance Writing
    How to Become an Excellent Freelance Academic Writer

    You will agree with me that academic writing is a challenging venture but pays handsomely. When a writer understands what they need to do with a certain order, you bet they will deliver good quality work and in turn make good money. However, when you have no prior knowledge of what lies ahead of you,you […]