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  • You have not made money until the client has accepted your work. Academic writing calls for excellence and nothing less.
    Academic Writing Tips for Online Writers

    Freelance writers are out to make money from their writing skills . If you are one, you know by now that academic writing calls for a certain level of expertise, the kind that only a few writers are able to showcase. You will need to above all understand the assignment before embarking on writing. Most […]

  • How much are you charging your freelance writing clients?
    Writing Tips: How To Charge Your Freelance Writing Clients

    Are you making enough money freelance writing? Is it an amount so good that you would not think twice before quitting your day job? If no, you need to think about how much you are charging your freelance writing clients. A professional freelance writer ought to know how to set their rates without going too […]

  • It is particularly important to create an online portfolio that showcases your capabilities. Sites such as Word Press can enable you to do so.
    Successful Freelance Writers:7 Simple Tips They Apply

    Whether you do freelance writing for bread and butter or just as a side hustle, one thing is certain: you want to make it. Different successful freelance writers apply varied techniques to achieve success in their craft. The following seven top tips are a definite winner in the race for success in writing for money. […]