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  • We are not all super confident. Even those who seem to exude self confidence are possibly masking feelings of low self esteem and fear.
    Overcoming Self Doubt As a Writer

    Freelance writing has many advantages for all kinds of people. Other job employers may judge you on your age, qualifications and appearance. Not so with freelance writing. You can never be too old to write. You don’t have to wear a suit when bidding for  online writing jobs. Having a disability should not be an […]

  • Guy with low self esteem
    How Low Self Esteem Affects Your Performance at Work

    What you think about yourself and your abilities affects your productivity at  work.  The ‘can’t’ attitude has its own way of standing between you and success, and unless you resolve to overcome lack of self confidence, you will have to keep watching as other people make the best of their lives. Did you know that […]