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  • Try these tricks the next time you’re staring at a blank screen, I can guarantee your writer’s block will be gone in no time!
    How to Deal with Writer’s Block in Freelance Writing

    Writer’s block. Two words that can fill any freelance writer with dread. If you have had this happen or are afraid of it happening, here are five ways to move through it.   Research Often, if you do the research for a topic, the ideas will start to come and the story or article will […]

  • Fight on freelance writer, fight on, and defeat each blank page you come across with vigor and resilience.
    Defeating the Blank Page

    It’s early morning. I have been sat looking at a blank page for over an hour wondering what to write. My fingers hesitantly touch the keyboard hoping inspiration will come. You, dear reader, will be the judge of the quality of this article when you reach the end and ask yourself “Was that worth my […]

  • Get Back Your Creativity
    Freelance Creative Writing: How to Get Back Your Creativity

    I like to think that freelance writers should never experience writers’ block but still cannot dismiss the fact that the demon will always find a way to strangle your muse. Since freelance creative writing is a career for so many of us, you ought to know how to get back your creativity when that dark […]