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Try these tricks the next time you’re staring at a blank screen, I can guarantee your writer’s block will be gone in no time!
How to Deal with Writer’s Block in Freelance Writing

Writer’s block. Two words that can fill any freelance writer with dread. If you have had this happen or are afraid of it happening, here are five ways to move through it.



Often, if you do the research for a topic, the ideas will start to come and the story or article will start to write itself. This usually helps because you don’t focus so much on what you should be writing, so your mind isn’t freaked out thinking about filling the page.


Free Write

If you are feeling like you have nothing to give and you feel fresh out of ideas, and you have a cursor on an empty page, just start typing. Make sure you go for at least five minutes, don’t think about what you are typing, and just get it all out of your head. Sometimes writer’s block is caused by too much info in our heads. Sometimes this frees up head-space and you can think more clearly.


Don’t Write

I know this sounds counter intuitive, but if you have the time, step away for an hour or two and do something you enjoy. Less stressful things like reading, or watching a movie can sometimes help, maybe because they make you feel good. Then return to your work and see what happens.


Change your environment

Sometimes all you have to do is write in a different location. The simple fact that you are moving, and there are different stimuli around, this can really help to jump-start the creative juices. For example, if you are stuck writing at home, perhaps head to a library or coffee shop and write there.


Listen to Music

Music can change the way we think, it puts us in a good mood, it can motivate, and it can relax you enough to move past the feeling of writer’s block. Usually jazz or classical work best but  you can also try something else that relaxes you and makes you happy.


Try these tricks the  next time you’re staring at a blank screen, I can guarantee your writer’s block will be gone in no time!


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