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  • If you think or have said any of these things to a freelance writer, just know, they probably are biting their tongues, and trying hard not to return the insult.
    10 Annoying Things People Tell Freelance Writers

    The life of freelance writers can be tough. You are usually looking for work, worrying about paying the bills and hoping your clients are happy with your work. On top of this stress you will often have those that will say annoying and insulting things to you.   At least you don’t have to get […]

  • Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.
    Inside the Mind of a Writer

    As a freelance writer it is likely you find yourself facing a daily internal battle in your attempts at making a success of your work. We all have good days when we write productively and feel good about ourselves. Other days may not be so good. The dreaded writers block hits us. We struggle to […]

  • Shocked writers' system user
    What to Look for in a Writers’ Management System

    Most  freelance writing agents appreciate the value of a writers’ management system, which makes it easier to manage writers’ accounts, orders as well as payments. You will agree that this makes freelance writing much easier, especially on the writer’s end. So, what are the characteristics of a top notch system? Easy to Navigate Ease in […]

  • Blogging
    How to Choose a Blog Topic: What Should You Blog About?

    Blogging is one of the best marketing tools used by freelance writers to showcase their writing skills to prospective  as well as existing clients. For one to have a successful blog, they must know the basics of  running a personal blog. You must know what works and what doesn’t. First things first, how do you […]

  • Group of people
    Who Should Get into Freelance Writing?

    People keep asking who is best suited for freelance writing and today, I have the answer. I’ll tell you who exactly needs this job and why?   Students Every student will always need some extra cash and parents or guardians are not always willing or capable to part with a little bit more than the […]

  • Dishonest freelance agent.
    Freelance Writing Tips: How to Choose a Freelance Writing Agency

    Freelance writers are out to make money and to do so successfully, you need to find a dependable partner. You need someone who can link you to reliable writing gigs without fail. In this field, one is  never too good on their  own and therefore you need to have a friend or friends who look […]

  • Motivated freelance writer
    Inspirational Quotes for Freelance Writing

    Once in a while, every body needs some encouragement and motivation to help them to keep going, especially when the going seems to keep getting tougher. Here is a collection of motivational quotes to help you find strength in difficult situations:   Stephen King: “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just […]

  • Avoid mistakes that make you look dumb.
    3 Mistakes that Make Newbie Freelance Writers Look Dumb

    I know you got into freelance writing to make money but you ought to know that you must do everything the right way here. In your rush to finally make it, you might end up making mistakes that make you look dumb and this automatically repels clients. A freelance writer must therefore be careful to […]

  • How to find writing projects
    Freelance Writing Jobs:How to Find Writing Projects

    A freelance writer needs to have a constant supply of writing jobs if they are to survive the competition in freelance writing. It is not easy to land lucrative writing gigs, especially  for inexperienced writers who know little on how to find writing projects. Relax, this is how-to.   Visit Freelance Writing Websites You will […]

  • Freelance Writer
    The Basic Essentials for Starting Freelance Writing

    It is true that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With freelance writing , you will also need to make  a bold first step in this journey. You need to begin somewhere and have a goal which you want to achieve in the end. So, what do you need to […]