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Dishonest freelance agent.
Freelance Writing Tips: How to Choose a Freelance Writing Agency

Freelance writers are out to make money and to do so successfully, you need to find a dependable partner. You need someone who can link you to reliable writing gigs without fail. In this field, one is  never too good on their  own and therefore you need to have a friend or friends who look out for your welfare.

Freelance writing agencies are springing up from every corner of the world and naturally, this means that fraudsters are wide awake too. There are unscrupulous individuals who intend to make money from unsuspecting freelance writers and so it s only wise for writers to stay safe. So, how do you choose a freelance writing agency?

Do your own research and find out as much as you can about the agency of interest. The internet is especially very helpful in this instance. You will always find relevant information about an online business on the web. Get to find out what critics have to say about the agency or if they have been involved in any controversial situations with writers.

Talk to Writers who have worked with the agency and let them narrate their experiences to you. You will find out much more when engaging with someone who has come into ‘contact’ with the agency. Most freelance writers will not let you get into trouble with a sham of a freelance writing agency.

If you are lucky, you will get to find out the ‘intimate’ bits that the agencies  leave out on their official websites.

Contact the agency and ask questions. Freelance writing agencies always have online platforms on which you can get in touch with them. Use their Facebook Fan Page, email address or Twitter to air your concerns. A genuine company will find the time to answer all your ‘stupid’ questions so go ahead and make them talk to you.

Whether an agency is genuine or not, you will tell from the kind of responses you get and how soon this happens.

Be wary  of smart fraudsters  too because they will go to any lengths to convince you that they are professionals. Trust your gut instincts here. If it doesn’t feel like the real thing, then it most certainly isn’t. Run for your dear life.