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Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.
Inside the Mind of a Writer

As a freelance writer it is likely you find yourself facing a daily internal battle in your attempts at making a success of your work. We all have good days when we write productively and feel good about ourselves. Other days may not be so good. The dreaded writers block hits us. We struggle to meet a deadline. Internally we go from feeling positive to feeling negative within minutes, days, or weeks. Such is life of course, but as the freelance writer often works on their own, the only dialogue they have is with themselves. That is when internal struggles take place.

Read the following and ask yourself how many of these internal dialogues relate to you.


Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.

Being a freelance writer sucks. I can’t think of anything to write and anything I do produce at the moment isn’t that great.


I can get up when I want, work when I want, without the need to sign in to work. There is no boss but me.   Working in my pajamas is great.

I have nobody to support me. I hate being all alone in my room with only a computer for company. And it’s probably time to get as shower as I am starting to smell.


I enjoy keeping in contact with my readers through email, newsletters and social media. Their feedback is really helpful and their encouragement enables me to keep going.

I am fed up with constant emails and tweets from my readers. They need to get a life and stop commenting on my work as if they know what they are talking about. Get a life people and leave me alone.


I look forward to enjoying success as a freelance writer. Perhaps one day I will have a book published. I might win the writing competition I entered. Maybe I will win a literary prize for my work.

Nobody is going to publish me. I seem to be getting rejected all the time these days and I am starting to wonder why I bother. Nobody understands my work.


I am a cutting edge writer. I write what I want, when I want. It challenges the reader and is genuinely life enhancing.

I am tired of writing fluff pieces about celebrity weddings. My writing is meaningless and pointless and I am compromising my own values.


Being a freelance writer is unpredictable. Each day brings a new challenge and can affect our mood state. Try and remain positive.   You are not alone in your feelings and attitudes to writing and know that as you sit at your keyboard today many others are too. Life is a roller-coaster and we are all sharing the same ride as you. Try and enjoy it.