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  • If you use these tips for your next article writing job, then you should begin to see some definite improvements and spotting grammar errors will get easier over time.
    A Guide to Better Productivity in Writing

    Many freelance writers have a set number of targets to accomplish each week. In a good week targets will be met. In a bad week any number of pressures can reduce the chances of goals being met. Family, friends and other work commitments can narrow the opportunities to write effectively. Writing can be rushed to […]

  • These are all legitimate ways to make money online and it should just be a matter of picking the one that makes the most sense for you and sticking to it.
    10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

    You may be a person who is already comfortable online and you may already be making money online as well. But perhaps you need a little more money? Maybe you have a decent salary but you’d like to get a bit extra on the side without too much stress or hassle? Here are ten ways […]

  • With the World Wide Web, and every business that is out there, needing content, blogs, or social media posts, jobs for writers are in great abundance and if you keep looking, you will definitely find the right fit for you.
    Jobs For Writers

    There is any number of jobs for writers. The most obvious is that of the novelist, for what is typically considered writing, but there is a whole world of writing jobs available. And some of them may totally surprise you!   Besides being a novelist, you can be a journalist, a copywriter, write an e-book, […]

  • So pick up your pen and get to article writing! It’s fun, relatively easy and a quick way to make a buck! There is always someone out there in need of what you may have to offer.
    Demystifying Article Writing

    Ah, the fun world of article writing. It can be a wonderful way to express your opinion, to inform, or to simply share information. Most writers have done some sort of article writing; it’s almost a rite of passage for any aspiring writer. With the continued growth and popularity of the Internet, the need for […]

  • Online writing can be fun and it should remain so. This is especially true when you are doing it for a living.
    Making Online Writing Your Day Job

      Google online writing and any number of hits will pop up. In this day and age, writing online seems to be the perfect niche for those of you who prefer to make their living as scribes. With the Internet only growing and the need for writers in every niche increasing, there is no better […]

  • To be able to create something from scratch is a joy. You become the god of your own creation.
    The Creative Mind

    Creativity comes in many different forms. The artist paints, the musician composes, the writer writes.   To be able to create something from scratch is a joy. You become the god of your own creation. Personally, I enjoy listening to a piece of classical music that transports me to another realm. I take great pleasure […]

  • It is particularly important to create an online portfolio that showcases your capabilities. Sites such as Word Press can enable you to do so.
    Creating An Online Portfolio

    As the online world becomes a valuable source for information and communication it is important for the freelance writer to create their own presence online. It is particularly important to create an online portfolio that showcases your capabilities. Sites such as Word Press can enable you to do so.   Having an online portfolio is […]

  • You do not have to take on every assignment handed to you no matter how financially useful they may be. Your health matters more. By giving yourself a break you will enjoy your writing when you go back to it.
    How to Prevent Writer’s Burnout

    Many years ago I experienced burnout. I was working as a youth worker on a deprived housing estate in England. The work was intense and went beyond normal nine to five hours. I forgot about setting boundaries and threw myself into the job with passion and a commitment to help young people who were disaffected […]

  • The art of blogging is to reflect yourself onto the outside world, sharing your interests with the people that matter, the reader.
    Being a Successful Blogger

    There are now as many types of blogs as there are types of people. Type ‘blog’ into a search engine and you will undoubtedly find something worth reading, whether or not they match your personal interests. Some online writers use a blog to share their personal life, an online diary to which we are invited […]

  • Perhaps then it is time to think outside of the box! There are hidden opportunities out there for the budding writer, and while they may not give you wide exposure, it is possible that some financial incentive could be worthwhile.
    Writing Gigs: Recognising Opportunities

    There are a lot of opportunities for freelance writers, yet the competition is fierce. There are too many other  freelancers bidding for the same jobs .Many writers are happy to work for free to gain exposure to their work. Others will take any opportunity given even if the financial benefits are poor. There is always […]