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  • Here then are some tips to help you, the freelance writer, with your motivation, or lack thereof.
    Keeping Yourself Motivated

    Sometimes we lose motivation to write. It can be very annoying, especially when there is a deadline to meet. Its possible the longer your motivation escapes you the more guilty you feel at not writing anything. You are not alone. Life is designed to make us feel tired. Circumstance dictates our mood state. Any number […]

  • Often the behaviour we have exhibited in the past remains consistent in our future. As a freelance writer, this can have negative effects on your work now and the future. You don’t need a time machine to predict your future behaviour. It is already a part of you.
    Learning From the Past to Shape Your Future

    Without being in possession of a time machine, we cannot predict the future. It is unlikely that  we have the knowledge to build a time machine either and there are currently no courses or manuals telling  how to. However imagine yourself when you were younger. Consider that younger, probably smaller version of yourself, and what […]

  • My point is that we should begin to write and not leave it till another day. We can tell ourselves that we will begin to take it more seriously one day but when? I have attempted to make a new start, and I hope that you, if circumstances can allow it, will attempt too as well. Your life is a work in progress and time is short.
    Reviving Your Freelance Career

    First, a disclaimer; I am a relatively new freelance writer. Therefore please do not expect any life altering revelations in the following article. My intention here is to encourage you to write. Yes, I am sure you are reading this because you already do write, or have an interest in writing, but perhaps you will […]

  • Relax and find inspiration
    How Freelance Writers Find Inspiration

    For one to succeed in anything, they must remain inspired and it is no easy task. With challenges that we encounter daily, it is quite difficult to remain in high spirits even when nothing seems to be right. In freelance writing, you have no option but to search for inspiration whenever  the well runs dry. […]

  • Beat procrastination
    How to Beat Procrastination and Become a Better Freelance Writer

    Procrastination is hard to beat, especially in freelance writing. Sometimes you  find yourself pushing tasks ahead and you never find out the impact it has on your freelancing career until it’s too late. Take action now and salvage your career today. List Down Your Tasks and Prioritize on the  Urgent Ones The other name for […]

  • Motivated freelance writer
    Inspirational Quotes for Freelance Writing

    Once in a while, every body needs some encouragement and motivation to help them to keep going, especially when the going seems to keep getting tougher. Here is a collection of motivational quotes to help you find strength in difficult situations:   Stephen King: “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just […]

  • A freelance writer without motivation
    The 5 Killers of Motivation in Freelance Writing

    Freelance writers encounter countless challenges that they have to overcome before they can taste success. Such challenges often take a toll on their motivation, which can be disastrous to a freelancing career. Dear freelance writers, look out for the following killers of motivation:   1. Lack of Knowledge and Skills When a freelance writer realizes […]