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  • If you use these tips for your next article writing job, then you should begin to see some definite improvements and spotting grammar errors will get easier over time.
    How to Improve Your Grammar for Article Writing Jobs

    When we receive a new article writing job, sometimes we are so eager to do the job we may forget to edit for grammar. It happens, but here are ten tips to help you improve your grammar.   Practise makes perfect The more you write, the better you get, as you keep practising and get […]

  • Try utilizing these tips for your next PowerPoint presentation and see your audience’s interest level increase, as well as making the presentation a lot more fun for you.
    Creating Slides For an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

    Do you have a presentation coming up? Are you concerned about your presentation being snooze inducing or otherwise unexciting? Here are a few tips to help you create an interesting and absorbing PowerPoint presentation.   Custom Background Making your slides’ background unique will help to make your slides memorable and help to keep your audience […]

  • So pick up your pen and get to article writing! It’s fun, relatively easy and a quick way to make a buck! There is always someone out there in need of what you may have to offer.
    Demystifying Article Writing

    Ah, the fun world of article writing. It can be a wonderful way to express your opinion, to inform, or to simply share information. Most writers have done some sort of article writing; it’s almost a rite of passage for any aspiring writer. With the continued growth and popularity of the Internet, the need for […]

  • With the advent of the Internet and so much access to the world in general, there is so much work to be had, and you need have no experience as long as you know how to write.
    How to Get into Freelance Writing

    Are you a writer? Do you dream of the day you receive that big payday because your manuscript has been accepted? Or are you a person who just dabbles here and there with writing? Or do you think you cannot write at all, but you’d like to do something that you can do on your […]

  • This is your time so write whatever interests you at the time. Find a quiet place, get into the zone, and let your imagination go into overdrive.
    Writing For Pleasure

    Many freelance writers lose sight of why they started writing in the first place. Writing to a deadline, completing assignments and forever pitching ideas to magazine and website editors can become a stressful experience. Then there is the competition from other writers bidding for the same piece on sites such as ‘Upwork’ and the writer […]

  • Using SEO correctly is another tool that will help you stand out from other freelance writers. By ensuring that your article is searchable, you will generate more readers and interest in your work.
    How SEO Helps The Freelance Writer

    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a great tool for freelance writers. When used properly you, the writer, will be able to add more traffic to your blog or website. It is about optimising your work by carefully using certain keywords or phrases that are more likely to appear on search engines. Consider what you […]

  • We want people to read our work. Otherwise why write in the first place?
    How to Attract Readers to Your Work

    We want people to read our work. Otherwise why write in the first place? Be it a Facebook post, article, short story, or something else, we hope to get approval from the reader. You, the freelance writer has something to share and a voice to be heard but please make sure your content is interesting. […]

  • Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.
    Inside the Mind of a Writer

    As a freelance writer it is likely you find yourself facing a daily internal battle in your attempts at making a success of your work. We all have good days when we write productively and feel good about ourselves. Other days may not be so good. The dreaded writers block hits us. We struggle to […]

  • Research and take notes to write a perfect article
    Freelance Writing Tips: 5 Steps on How to Write a Perfect Article

    Article writing seems simple for a writer who  is yet to get into serious freelance writing. You discover how serious a business it is when a client rejects your work or you end up with  countless revisions.  Irresponsible article writing  spells out doom for your freelancing career and if you are to salvage  your honor […]

  • Freelance Article  Writing pro
    Freelance Article Writing: Facts Every Writer Needs to Know

    Freelance article writing may be the easiest of writing jobs but still has it’s own demands. Only competent article writers can produce valuable content and this is why so few writers want to take that road. Inasmuch as the category may look less challenging, only specific persons can pull this off. Do you want to […]