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Research and take notes to write a perfect article
Freelance Writing Tips: 5 Steps on How to Write a Perfect Article

Article writing seems simple for a writer who  is yet to get into serious freelance writing. You discover how serious a business it is when a client rejects your work or you end up with  countless revisions.  Irresponsible article writing  spells out doom for your freelancing career and if you are to salvage  your honor as a freelance article  writer, you ought to write flawlessly.

To write a perfect  article, one has to have a sharp eye on quality  and to do so, they must know the ingredients  that make an article palatable to the client,  who is the first reader.


1.Understand the Title and Requirements of the Order

The title is the doorway to the article and introduces the reader to the whole piece, giving them a teaser of what to expect in the entire article. Therefore, for one to write a perfect article, he/she must comprehensively understand what and how  they are expected to write .

This is where communication skills come in. Do not start to work on an order until you have in-depth understanding of what is required of you. Ask all the questions you need to ask and do not go ahead until you have all the facts  you require. Find out the word count of the article as well as the  tone you are expected to apply while writing, whether formal or not.  It is you who will have to revise the article when your client comes back ranting  out of disappointment.

Let the client put down their requirements in writing so you do not have to keep trying to reach them, which eats into your time.  If you are in a setting where  it is easier to call them up and get instructions, it is better to hear from the horse’s mouth.


2.Research and Take Notes

Once you understand the order, it is easier to research on the title and find more information. Make use on the internet to find publications, books, journals and other  credible materials that have relevant information.

While doing your research, take short notes which will come in handy when you get to the actual writing. You can make a rough draft of the article at this point so you do not have to think too much when typing the article.

Research helps you to understand the concept which helps create a free flow of ideas.



Equipped with all the  necessary information, you must by now have all the tools required to put together the right words. Get down to business and employ your perfect grammar and proper sentence structure.

Put down all the ideas formulated earlier in a logical and coherent manner, so good that your client will grin at your work. You are a wordsmith and you must demonstrate this in writing. Choose your words carefully ensuring that they suit the tone and purpose of the article while paying attention to to the word count.


4.Edit to Get Rid of Flaws

At this point, you are out to ensure you have met the desires of your client by following instructions to the letter. Get rid of those typos, grammatical errors , missing punctuation marks as well as misplaced or missing capital letters.

Check the order of paragraphing and sentence structure and slice up too long sentences. Scrap unnecessary words to achieve a short concise piece which  is always attractive to readers.

Fine tune the article to reach the standards of the client or make it even better if you are sure your client will like it. Give the work a you-touch.



Most freelance article writers often think they are done once they have edited their work. That is not good enough. You need to run a sharp eye through the work, looking out for the unseen errors. Typos like to hide behind the most seemingly correct sentences and you can never be too sure until you have proofread at least twice.

Your client expects top-tier writing services and you cannot afford to deliver anything less, especially when you want to maintain your clients. You will enjoy  the fruits of your labor soon enough when clients keep trickling in.