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Keep Your Clients
Freelance Writing: 7 Tips on How to Maintain Clients

It is one thing to find a client but keeping them is one daunting task. Freelance writers need some sort of insurance cover to cater for the rainy days. You need one or several clients who you can relate with on a long term basis. Such clients come in handy during the low season when freelance writers are nearly scavenging for writing gigs.

You therefore need to discover the secret to keeping profitable clients for long term benefits. Once you know how- to,you can be assured of a smooth freelancing life from this day forward.

#1:Give Clients Reasons to Stick with You

Why will a client prefer to work with you and not the other freelancer? What makes you and your work standout from the millions of freelance writers on the internet? Do your clients use positive adjectives to describe you and your work?
Are you their best option so far? How often do you disappoint them? Are you always behind schedule?

Clients need you to prove that you are a dependable person. This way, they will confidently recommend you to their colleagues and friends and you end up with more clients.

#2:Good Communication is Key to Freelancing Success

How often do you talk to your client? Only when you are ‘hungry” and you need them to drop you a job? This is not how good relationships are built, even in our daily lives.

Just like our families and friends, your clients need to know that you care about them. That you think about them.

Drop them a mail once in a while, just to check on them.

Wish them a happy Independence Day when it’s time, Christmas message or maybe Happy New Year greetings. Also be careful not to cross the boundaries and end up becoming a nuisance. Keep in mind that all this time you are dealing with your boss.

#3:Be Generous

Surprise your clients once in a blue moon and give them a discount or maybe a bonus! This will purely depend on the kind of relationship you have built over time.

Your clients will discover that you are a very nice person, and you know how hard it is to come by such people in this age. You never know, this could be the breakthrough you have been waiting for!

That client whom you award a bonus will be all over you and will not think twice about spreading the good news.

It is quite difficult to be so generous to a stranger but count it as a form of investment. Believe me, the returns will be worth the while.

#4:Listen to Your Clients; the Client is Always Right

You have probably heard this countless times but it is true. Do not treat your client as if they were totally clueless. Exercise a lot of restraint when putting forward your ideas.

Let them have the final say,after all, they know what they want from you.

Whenever you need to contradict or correct them, do it in a nice way. Whatever you do, try as much as possible not to make them feel small.
Be nice. Be nice. Be nice.

#5:Learn to Use the Magic Words

There are words you wish people could use more often when relating with you. Your clients are not any different! They need you to say ‘please’ when you are making a request, ‘thank you’ after a successful (or not) deal and ‘sorry’ when you have stepped on their toes.

Master the simple principles of courtesy and see the magic it will work for your freelancing career.

#6:Solve their Problems

When clients come looking for you, they are in search of solutions and not to further compact their problems. Be part of their solutions, even if you have to engage Uncle Google. Try your best and make your clients see the benefits of engaging you.

Help them so much that they consider you a ‘life saver’ They will never want to lose your contact.

#7:Don’t Let it Go to Your Head


It is rather normal that with time you will start feeling like a Superman of some sort and this is no good for your career. It is okay to let your clients know that you have vast experience in writing, but not to the point of annoyance.

Our relationship with clients should always remain symbiotic. (Google that) Inasmuch as our clients need us, we ought to treat them with dignity.

Do not expect an invoice for this useful information. We are taking the third point this seriously.