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  • If you use these tips for your next article writing job, then you should begin to see some definite improvements and spotting grammar errors will get easier over time.
    A Guide to Better Productivity in Writing

    Many freelance writers have a set number of targets to accomplish each week. In a good week targets will be met. In a bad week any number of pressures can reduce the chances of goals being met. Family, friends and other work commitments can narrow the opportunities to write effectively. Writing can be rushed to […]

  • If you use these tips for your next article writing job, then you should begin to see some definite improvements and spotting grammar errors will get easier over time.
    How to Improve Your Grammar for Article Writing Jobs

    When we receive a new article writing job, sometimes we are so eager to do the job we may forget to edit for grammar. It happens, but here are ten tips to help you improve your grammar.   Practise makes perfect The more you write, the better you get, as you keep practising and get […]

  • The freelance writer needs to consider many things within their career and some of them are basic yet crucial. If you really want to write then you need to take heed of the following five tips.
    5 Basic Yet Crucial Tips For the Freelance Writer

    Disaster struck this week when my MacBook malfunctioned! As the inner workings of the computer ceased to work, many pages of creative writing and feature articles that were not backed up disappeared. Ironically, a pop up reminding me to back up my work had appeared earlier that day but typically I made a mental note […]

  • While many workers need to sit at a desk all day the freelance writer has a number of seating options. A bed, sofa, garden chair, park bench and a great variety of other seating venues are all available to the writer.
    The Joys of Being a Freelance Writer

    Many people go to work each day with a set number of goals in mind. Likely these goals are set by an employer or a job description of targets that the worker needs to attain before the day or week is out. Failure to meet these targets and adhere to the job description will affect […]

  • Here then are some tips to help you, the freelance writer, with your motivation, or lack thereof.
    Keeping Yourself Motivated

    Sometimes we lose motivation to write. It can be very annoying, especially when there is a deadline to meet. Its possible the longer your motivation escapes you the more guilty you feel at not writing anything. You are not alone. Life is designed to make us feel tired. Circumstance dictates our mood state. Any number […]

  • So are you cut out to be a writer? I hope so. Seeing your work published can be very rewarding.
    Is Freelance Writing For You?

    So you want to be a freelance writer? Great. However, do you have the skills and commitment required? Consider the following and decide if this is the path for you:   Writing skills  You may have some great ideas and a passion to write about a specific subject matter. Many other people do too. It […]

  • Often the behaviour we have exhibited in the past remains consistent in our future. As a freelance writer, this can have negative effects on your work now and the future. You don’t need a time machine to predict your future behaviour. It is already a part of you.
    Learning From the Past to Shape Your Future

    Without being in possession of a time machine, we cannot predict the future. It is unlikely that  we have the knowledge to build a time machine either and there are currently no courses or manuals telling  how to. However imagine yourself when you were younger. Consider that younger, probably smaller version of yourself, and what […]

  • Comparing yourself to others is a thankless task. It provokes feelings of envy, jealousy, anger and contempt for you. You were never made to be anybody else other than who you are. Start embracing yourself.
    Writing Tips: Grass isn’t Greener on the Other Side

    You definitely have a favorite writer that you admire and look up to. Perhaps it is a great novelist, an elegant blog writer, or an intrepid and adventurous journalist. You read their work with awe. You love the author’s ability to drag you into an imaginary world of immensely creative fiction. Is it the blog […]

  • What do you want to accomplish ? Write down all the ideas you have. This could include increasing your visibility on social networking sites, finding an agent, learning new skills, or something as simple as setting your alarm clock. Write down anything that will enhance your career as a writer, and try to set goals that are achievable for you. Think big but consider the time span of each goal you set. You want to be able to meet those goals realistically and not be disappointed when you don’t.
    How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in Freelance Writing

    It is easy to become a lazy freelance writer. You need to set a number of goals each week, avoiding too much flexibility, and creating realistic working hours. You might want to be a well-known writer, possibly crave a little fame, and want some financial incentive for your penmanship. However if you don’t add a […]

  • Research and take notes to write a perfect article
    Freelance Writing Tips: 5 Steps on How to Write a Perfect Article

    Article writing seems simple for a writer who  is yet to get into serious freelance writing. You discover how serious a business it is when a client rejects your work or you end up with  countless revisions.  Irresponsible article writing  spells out doom for your freelancing career and if you are to salvage  your honor […]