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  • Being a freelance writer is a joy. My fingers flow effortlessly at the keyboard as my imagination goes into overdrive.
    Inside the Mind of a Writer

    As a freelance writer it is likely you find yourself facing a daily internal battle in your attempts at making a success of your work. We all have good days when we write productively and feel good about ourselves. Other days may not be so good. The dreaded writers block hits us. We struggle to […]

  • It is easy to break out of routine when freelancing so try and set yourself a target for the day. I usually go for a short walk or drive before I start working so I have that feeling of coming back to work rather than just rolling out of bed and crawling to my computer (which I did this morning!).
    “I Enjoy Working in My PJs,” Says UK-based Falcon Writer

    I woke up this morning and after enjoying a comfortable extra hour in bed, unburdened by a 9 to 5 job, I began to write, dressing gown and pajama attired and cup of tea in hand. It’s not easy being a freelance writer but it does offer flexibility and I don’t have to wear a […]