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The art of blogging is to reflect yourself onto the outside world, sharing your interests with the people that matter, the reader.
Being a Successful Blogger

There are now as many types of blogs as there are types of people. Type ‘blog’ into a search engine and you will undoubtedly find something worth reading, whether or not they match your personal interests. Some online writers use a blog to share their personal life, an online diary to which we are invited to take a peek. Others post pictures of their pets, families, holidays, and so on.

Many online writers use blogs to profile their self-employment, perhaps in a means to make money. For example bloggers may showcase their cakes, paintings, craft items, and so on. Despite the differences in blogs, one thing generally rings true. They are about the blogger. His or her unique voice is shared and people will often return to the blog because of the writer.

Perhaps you write a blog yourself. It may be possible to get a hit counter on the blogging site you use to discover how many people are reading your blog, and how many people are returning for another look. Are there people who share your interests? There will be people out there who develop a special connection to the blogger by sharing their point of view.

Some bloggers are able to draw people in by educating and motivating the reader. Their words will offer inspiration to some. Some will set out to entertain and make you smile. A good blogger understands his or her readership and develop their own unique voice, providing content that will continue to draw people back to their site. Have you been able to do the same?

By all means master the technical craft of writing. Continue with your spell checks and proof reading. However, many readers do not come to blogs to critique the writing. They come to hear their bloggers voice again. To the reader a blogger becomes a friend, somebody they can identify with. They want to know what the online writer has to say and not how they say it. Admittedly if the blog is so badly written it may be a complete hindrance to the reader, no matter how interesting the content, but I hope you get my point. The art of blogging is to reflect yourself onto the outside world, sharing your interests with the people that matter, the reader.


So if you do blog or are interested in blogging remember the following:

  • Be yourself. Write about the things that interest you.
  • Post regularly so people look forward to returning and finding something new.
  • Don’t expect a huge following overnight. It can take time to develop a readership.
  • Allow users to comment and recognise their contribution, provided it is supportive.
  • Share your life without giving away too personal details. We often learn from others experiences, be they successes or failings.
  • Have fun with your writing. If you have fun the reader may too.
  • Be passionate about your subject and encourage the reader to share your passion.
  • And I say again. Be yourself. The blog should reflect the person you are.