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We are not all super confident. Even those who seem to exude self confidence are possibly masking feelings of low self esteem and fear.
Overcoming Self Doubt As a Writer

Freelance writing has many advantages for all kinds of people. Other job employers may judge you on your age, qualifications and appearance. Not so with freelance writing. You can never be too old to write. You don’t have to wear a suit when bidding for  online writing jobs. Having a disability should not be an issue provided you are able to write. You do not have to worry about your car not starting or the train not running to get to work. These issues do not affect you as they would others in their fields of employment. However there is one common obstacle that affects freelance writers and possibly the majority of all employed people. Self Doubt!


We are not all super confident. Even those who seem to exude self confidence are possibly masking feelings of low self esteem and fear. Have you asked yourself the following questions?


Will anybody take me seriously?

Am I under-qualified to work for this client?

Am I good enough to make a real living from writing?


The answer to the above should be ‘yes’. However you need to take yourself seriously. If you don’t,  your self doubt may affect how others see you.


Think positively. You do have something to offer. If you are already considering writing for a living then you must have some skill and passion for the craft to begin with.


Be assertive. When asked what you do for a living tell people that you are a ‘freelance writer’. Give them a business card. Network with other writers and agencies and promote yourself. This is your job! It does not have to be a hobby or something you are entering with hesitation. Be bold when you tell people what you do. You have a gift that many others don’t.


Educate yourself. We all have something to learn. It is unlikely that we will ever achieve perfection in our chosen field. Hone your writing skills by taking online courses, attending writers workshops, reading self help books and taking advice from trusted people.   Overcoming low self esteem is one thing but over inflating our ego is another, so be teachable!


Promote yourself. Having an online presence will amplify your chances of gaining employment in freelance writing. Create a portfolio online with a blog or website. Include links to any work you have written online. Write articles for your site which highlight your skills and passion. Send out your business cards. Email prospective employers. Join writers’ forums. To get yourself noticed you have do put yourself out there,  in the virtual world and the real one.


Write. This may sound obvious but a lot of people suffer from low self worth because they procrastinate. Create a writing schedule for yourself and get to work. The more you write the better you will feel. When you see your work published online, your self doubt will begin to disappear.


Change your thinking. People will take you seriously. You are a gifted writer. Your words do have value. You do have a voice and it demands to be heard. You are not the next Mark Twain or Carl Bernstein and you do not need to be. You are you and that is a good thing!