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Guy with low self esteem
How Low Self Esteem Affects Your Performance at Work

What you think about yourself and your abilities affects your productivity at  work.  The ‘can’t’ attitude has its own way of standing between you and success, and unless you resolve to overcome lack of self confidence, you will have to keep watching as other people make the best of their lives.

Did you know that low self esteem limits your imagination and so you are never able to exploit your talents. People who have little or no regard for themselves often die with so much unexploited energy and gifts that you would wish they had stayed longer.

When you have low self-worth, you cannot build solid relationships with colleagues. People might not tell you in the face but they like to hang around with friends who inspire them to be better persons. It is naturally better to be in the company of somebody who challenges you than one who doesn’t.

As a freelance writer, you need to stay connected with fellow freelance writers. You know that thing about strength and numbers, right?

Low self worth

Low self worth

Low self esteem and pessimism are bedfellows and this is recipe for disaster. Pessimism hinders progress because such a person is always too scared to try something new. They are too comfortable with  “okay” to risk it all. A person with low self esteem hardly gets ahead in life. They want an average job, average pay, average house, an okay car. They must be the common average Joe.

Lack of self worth  eats into your productivity at work. Self doubt sucks a person’s energy and they often feel too tired or too old for anything. Such persons do not value their efforts and they often consider themselves as the most dispensable persons in an institution.

When people know your status (low self esteem), you will always get shortchanged. While other freelance writers are raking out annual five-figure proceeds  out of their jobs, you will still be  where you began, getting more bitter by the day.