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Reasons Why is the Best Freelance Writing Agency

All freelance writers have one thing in common: they want to write and get paid without a fuss. Every freelancer needs to have a partner they can trust to walk with them through their journey towards success in freelance writing. provides a lasting partnership to freelance writers as  has been for over five years.

We provide academic writing   and article writing jobs  for up to $15 and $8 per page respectively while we pay $20 for each  resume . Writer’s payments are wired via PayPal and Skrill within a reasonable and agreed upon time frame. has successfully redefined freelance writing by bringing in  transparency and convenience in a field that has long been marred by horrifying experiences with fraudsters.We give writers the best freelancing experience they have ever had with freelance writing agencies.

Our writers receive  high-end treatment since we understand their needs as well as their fears. With this knowledge we provide a 24-hour live support system,  to deal with all writers’ issues and concerns, something you won’t find elsewhere.

We have embraced professionalism in all our dealings, from recruitment, jobs supply to payments.

Falconwriters has a wide clientele base in the  USA, UK, Australia , Canada as well as other parts of the world. We have an eye on quality, a characteristic that’s a major attraction for  both clients and writers .

Do you believe that you possess the necessary writing skills to fly the heights with the falcons? Our ideal writers must have an excellent command in English (preferably native English speakers ), flexible enough to take on various topics,have a sharp  eye on quality and able to meet tight deadlines.  An academic qualifications like a degree or masters and PhD will give  you an upper hand against other applicants.

Are  you a writer  looking for a trustworthy partner who will never let you down? Your search ends right here. You just found the best freelance writing agency that will walk with you all the way to a successful freelancing career.