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Writer at the beach
Reasons Why You Should Take Freelance Writing Seriously

Do you call what you do freelance writing? Maybe. You take up an order or two in a month or even less sometimes. It doesn’t matter much what you get since you already have an alternative source of ‘reliable’ income and so you have no reason to care too much what happens to your side job.

Did you know that full time freelance writers rake in at least $55,940 annual income? Drooling over that already? It’s understandable.

Such freelance writers make that much because that is their job. To them, freelance writing is not a side hustle. It is a career they have taken seriously. They have invested their time (and sometimes money) in order to realize the proceeds they are enjoying now.

Just so you understand why you should think again before labeling freelance writing as a side job, here are a few reasons why you should start taking it seriously.

You Are Your Own Boss
It can’t get better than this! If you are like me, one who hates to see an ironclad boss always hovering over your space, this is the ultimate solution.
With freelance writing, you set your own rules and you have the liberty to disobey or distort them! Your only boss is the client who doubles up as your assets.

No Office Confinement

Very few people enjoy the hassle that comes with commuting to work and I bet you do not feature among the chosen few. Freelance writing gives you the rare opportunity to choose your location. Who would hate to choose where and how to work? Whether in your pajamas, out in the lawn while relishing the warmth of summer, at the beach enjoying the cool breeze, name them.

Writer at the beach

Writer at the beach

Attractive Pay perks
The best part in this story is that you will always earn your worth. Once you have made your client happy, you will smile your way to the bank. Yes, that’s how easy and how difficult it gets. Countless freelancers survive on this art alone and you can too. It will cover all your bills and help you save up for that road trip or holiday you have always dreamed of. Start saving up for Hawaii!

Numerous Opportunities
Freelance writing is the only field where you are presented with more opportunities than you can handle.Every sunrise brings with it more and more need for quality content and you should not let these chances just slip away.


A career should not make you a rigid person, making it impossible for you to change homes, buy a new car and all. You ought to be able to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. That is what freelance writing brings you. The freedom to fly with the eagles and swim with the dolphins.

Feeling free

Feeling free

You do not need to hear more. Take that bold step and make freelance writing a serious venture and watch your life transform for the better. You have all the reasons why you should take freelance writing seriously.