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Blogging for freelance writers
Why Every Freelance writer Needs to Start a Blog

Freelance writers are writers who write for money. So, why do they need to start blogging?

How to start a blog is a story for some other day. Let’s first find out why every freelance writer needs to start a blog. You can then decide if the following are good-enough reasons.

Start a Blog to Generate Clients

This is the major reason why you need to have your own blog. A freelance writer needs  clients, otherwise they will eventually be starving. Blogging can be and is indeed a short cut to finding serious clients.

How fast you generate clients will solely depend on your blog: the design  and content of the blog. Discover what makes a blog attractive to readers and make it so.

Make your blog an open doorway for clients to find you anytime they go searching for competent freelance writers on the internet.

Demonstrate a know-how and experience in the articles you post on your blog. Clients want to deal with experts, so you had better define your niche and stick to it. If clients like how you write, you will soon be receiving proposals to become their freelance blogger or handle various writing projects.


Monetize Your Blog

If you are an experienced freelance writer, you know by now that bloggers use their blogs to make big chunks of cash. Why would you not do the same or even better? There are various means of making money using your blog such as advertising, affiliate marketing , sale of E books as well as Google AdSense.

Find out how all these work to bring you income and maximize on your preferred medium.


Use Blogging to Develop and Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is like a muscle which gets frail when not exercised  and so you need to keep writing in order to ‘stay alive’ and competitive. Blogging provides a writer with the best opportunity to keep writing, even when no client is waiting  on the other end.

It is through writing that you continually keep discovering your skills and this improves the quality of work you deliver to your clients.

You could also do guest blogging for more established bloggers with the aim of making yourself known to their readers.

A freelance writer must market themselves as a worthy brand if they are to be counted among the success stories of freelance writing.

Take your time and determine what you want to blog about, your target audience , your mission in blogging and the impact you expect the blog to make on your freelancing career.