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Surprised freelance writer
5 Untold Facts about Freelance Writing

How did you get to know about freelance writing? Maybe from a friend who told you all the amazing facts about freelance writing. They told you that this is the easiest way to make money out of your writing skills and that is very true.

However, I wish to burst your bubble, with the intention of helping you get the untold facts about freelance writing. Here, I outline the things that most freelance writers discover through experience and some end up changing their minds about becoming full time freelance writers.


#1. You Will Hardly  Ever Work in Your Pajamas

You must have been really excited when you heard that freelance writers often do not need to get out of bed and I will not call it a lie. It is true that in some instances the freelance writer has to do a few errands in the comfort of the bed. This happens when you have to make important calls in the middle of the night or when your client comes calling on Skype at such hours.

That is where the pajamas feature. Nowhere else, except when a writer has to get up at the crack of dawn to touch up on an urgent early morning order.


#2. You Will Face Countless Rejections

Has your mentor told you how many times they had to try before they finally got their big break? They could not bear to tell you that they got rejected so many times that they almost gave up on  their then budding freelancing careers.

A client or two (or more) will tell you to your face that you have no capacity to handle their project. Some will out-rightly tell you to try anything except  writing. If  you do not have a hard enough bark, you will not survive this road which is paved with lots of disappointment at the start.


#3. This is Not a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

You must have seen freelance writers make what seems to you as easy money and you can’t wait to start. Did they tell you how they arrived at the fat figures? I’m sure they didn’t and so I will take it upon myself to inform you.

Success in freelance writing  is a tough  journey and no one ever gets there. There is always a new freelance writer entering the market every day and so existing freelance writers have to stay on the move. Nobody wants to be culled  out.

It takes time for one to start making above five figures in freelance writing. You will need to engage a lot of patience and the will to become a better writer daily.


#4. When You are Not Working, You Will Be Looking for Work

A freelance writer never rests, he/she can never have a vacation because clients don’t and loosing money for pleasure is out of the question.

Newbie freelance writers come in thinking of money and pleasure and they leave a disappointed lot when they discover the real deal. Full time freelance writers work hard day and night so they can pay their bills and maybe save up for a rewarding retirement.


#5. You Will Inject Money into Your Freelance Writing Career

So you thought you are in to make money only, never to invest a single cent of your hard -earned money? You are in for a rude shock. A freelance writer must be ready to spend on their freelancing career if they are to get any close to success.

Do you expect to reap where you did not sow?

You will need to spend on the essentials of freelance writing, which will enable you kick-start your career.

That’s the real deal. take it or leave it.