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The Basic Essentials for Starting Freelance Writing

It is true that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With freelance writing , you will also need to make  a bold first step in this journey. You need to begin somewhere and have a goal which you want to achieve in the end.

So, what do you need to start freelance writing? Newbies need to know the basic essentials for starting freelance writing so that they are not greeted with surprises which could leave them too disappointed to make another attempt. This is it.


Basic Writing Skills  and Knowledge.

You are getting into the business of writing and therefore you must know how-to. If you have no idea what freelance writing is all about, you had better pause and do some research. Collect as much information as you can. Find out how the industry runs, how freelance writers source for clients and how to maintain them.

Find out the various means through which freelance writers make money and choose what suits your capabilities. You also need to know how to charge your clients.

Until you know what you are about to get yourself into, do not dive into the waters of freelance writing. Having relevant information will help you swim with the sharks and make it to the shore a happy writer.

Ask yourself also if you have the academic knowledge necessary to take on certain academic jobs. Freelance writing is not a place for dunderheads. Some orders will require you to apply knowledge acquired in school.


A Quality  Computer

You may ask why a quality computer. Every successful freelance writer knows how important it is to have a dependable computer, one that has the capability to enable you produce good quality work within the specified time. Faulty computers have often been blamed for poor quality work or lateness in submission but the blame always lies with the writer.

It is the writer’s responsibility to ensure that their  computer is in good condition at all times. Therefore, if you are planning on starting freelance writing, have access to a good quality computer, one that will not let you down when you so much need to make money .


Reliable Internet Access

Freelance writing is entirely an online business and so it goes without saying that you must have a reliable internet connection. You will need to communicate with your clients and other freelancers, as well as to access relevant information on the internet.

Take advantage of locations where there is free WiFi which will save you a good amount which you would otherwise spend on internet.


A Working Area/Desk

It is true that a freelance writer can work from anywhere, including the bedroom, but you still  need a working area, or at least a desk. This helps you to concentrate on your work while avoiding distractions such as the TV or your children. Set apart an area in the house or away from the house where you can ‘escape’ to when you need to be really serious with your work.

You see, you don’t need too many essentials to start.