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1. Are you desperate for success? Do you want to make money online like rich professional writers do? Enough of the wishing and imagining… It is time for you to take charge of your life and future.

2. This is not a preserve for the few and you too can start earning a decent living by writing online. There is an increasing demand for professional writers in the online market. Why don’t you secure yourself a share of this very tasty cake?

3. The keys to your success now lie in your hands. The Falcon Online Writing Course is the ultimate course for professional online writing. Start a successful online career today.

Will this course work for you?

Our course is suited for any person who can read and write in English. Regardless of the walk of life you come from we can teach you how to become a professional online writer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an aged senior in their pension or are a techno conscious youth, this course is for you.

What do others have to say?

Carol May, USA

I am very happy with the Falcon Online Writing Course. Being a stay at home mom I have always wanted to work and make money from home. I was able to secure a number of gigs after I completed the course. This month alone I have made $947.6 out of writing web articles for peoples websites

Greg Norton, UK

At first I questioned the concept of having to buy teaching material when you can access most of it online for free. I bought the course after a lot of convincing from a friend who had taken it before me. I am convinced that I made the right choice as this course has been put down in a way that has opened my eyes to so any things. I wouldn’t have acquired this much information even if I were to Google for ages

Nipul Shah, India

The course is very simple and easy to understand. It is specific and covers the critical issues of success in online writing. I don’t have any college education and I have always felt handicapped and unable to become successful. This course has opened many doors for me and has transformed me in to a competitive provider for my niche’

Felix Ombati, Kenya

Despite being University educated I was unemployed, desperate and barely able to support my one year old child. After hearing stories of people making money online I was too afraid to start because I didn’t know where to start. Your course has enabled me to earn an honest living and to support my family. I am confident that this course will empower many African youth like me and give them an equal opportunity to be successful

Number of students enrolled is 004 988 and still counting. Only 0012 spaces left for our next class

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What will you get out of the course?

1. 6 course units with over 35 sub units

2. Over 400 minutes of lecture material

3. More than 200 minutes of tests and assessments to reinforce learning

4. Award winning course previously sold ONLY to professional writers

5. Learn every skill that you need to become a professional writer

6. Work in a real life environment and make a living from writing

7. Become a professional online writer

What are the entry requirements?

1. A desire to learn

2. You want to earn a decent living online

3. No prior online writing training is required

What is the target audience of the course?

1. Aspiring online writers

2. Existing freelance writers who want to refresh their skills

Curriculum of the Falcon Online Writing Course (FOWC)


1. Introduction

2.What is the difference between a failed and a successful freelancer

3. Customer relations

4. Freelance industry outlook

5. Important links/ Resources

6. Assessment test


7. Introduction

8. Tenses

9. Sentence structure

10. Parts of speech

11. Common questionnaire mistakes

12. Important links/Resources

13. Assessment test


14. Introduction

15. Freelance blogging

16. How to create a blog

17. Elements of a blog that attract visitors

18. How to make money from your blog

19. Improving blog visibility

20. Important links/Resources

21. Assessment test


22. Introduction

23. How to make money as a copywriter

24. SEO writing

25. How to market copywriting services

26. Examples of copywriting services

27. Important links/Resources

28. Assessment test


29. Introduction

30. Types of academic papers

31. General rules of academic writing

32. Types of academic papers

33. Research approach for academic papers

34. Referencing styles

35. How to avoid plagiarism

36. Citation and referencing

37. Assessment test


38. Introduction

39. Record keeping

40. Payment solutions: Getting your money home

41. Managing your finances

42. Taxation and local laws

43. Assessment test


44. Introduction

45. Successful online writers

46. Insights into what has made them successful

47. How you can emulate and learn from them

How does the course work?

The online writing course is an all in one classroom designed to teach you how to make money online through writing.
What makes the course stand out is that you don’t have to be genius to understand it. This is how the course works:

Sign up

Receive student details

Carry out course

Receive certificate

You can take your classes from anywhere in the world, your house, a library, a park name it!
Study at your own pace
You are at no pressure to complete the course, take your classes when you want and where you want

The Advanced Falcon
E-learning module

Learn using our state of art and virtual class rooms. Takes
lectures, do your assessment tests and exams online using our user friendly system.

1. Can work on any computer

1. Log in to your online account and start learning

2. Access lecture notes and videos

3. Ability to save progress and continue later

4. Multiple choice assessments and exam

5. Real time results and grading for assessments

6.Certificate of completion generated with your name on it

Falcon Online Writing
Course Certificate

The course is made up of 6 units and 35 subunits. On completion of each unit you will undertake an assessment that will unlock the next unit for you. At the end of the 6 units you will sit a general exam after which you shall receive a certificate with your name on it.

Who do we work with?

We are members of leading associations and organizations in the UK and USA
Our certificate is a great addition to your CV and is recognizable all over the world.

How do we compare to the rest?

Features Falcon online
writers course
Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3

Offer writing courses

Worldwide coverage

Easy to use online classes

Plenty well researched materials

Assessments and exams

Online certificate

Bonus features of the course

Online writing



Branded certificate
of completion



Bonus course
unit and materials



Total - 149.25Free

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