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Freelance writers make money online
New Freelance Writers: How Freelance Writers Make Money Online

Freelance Writers make money through writing and for some of us, going into full time writing is the best decision we have ever made. Newbie freelance writers often wonder where  and how freelance writers make money.  The answer will always be;  they write. That’s all they ever do.

They keep their ears on the ground and grab every opportunity that arises for them to write. Today we discuss these opportunities from which freelance writers make money.

SEO Writing

There are numerous SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  companies that specialize in using key words in online marketing. They therefore often need SEO articles and this is where  freelance writers cash in.

These jobs will never be presented to you on a silver platter. You’ve got to go out of your way and find out who needs SEO articles. If you are a hardworking freelance writer, you will never miss out on such opportunities.

Once you prove your worth, such companies will want to retain you as their resident writer. Who would hate that?


Freelancing for Magazines

Various magazines like to offer freelance writers opportunities to entertain or inform the magazine’s readers. Such clients pay good money, especially when the writer involved delivers top notch pieces.

This is where you come in. Find out which magazine needs what kind of writers and grab that opportunity. Competition is stiff and so you have to write excellently to stay on board.

It also helps when you have a niche and you present your self as an expert writer in the field of interest. You could be a health writer, sports writer, fashion writer.

A personal blog will also come in handy when you need to prove that you are a seasoned writer.


Technical Writing

Do you know who writes  user guides and system manuals for that brand that you so much love? Who writes project plans for executives who have no capability or time to do so? You guessed right.

Freelance writers are the brains behind all this.They  do so in form of print or electronic mediums.

However, this one requires technical knowledge. Only a trained accountant will do technical writing based on accounting, a medical student or practitioner will deliver a flawless medical document, only  an electrical engineer will be contracted to write the manual for an electronic product, and the list is endless.

If you have the technical capability, you can make a lot of money from your   skills through writing.



Copywriters are the brains behind the wordings in the persuasive ads that always get you parting with your money. They are mainly  hired to produce content for advertisements, both print and electronic.

They also come up with web content, write brochures, produce slogans, write press releases etc. Their responsibility is to use the right words. That’s it.

A copywriter has to be a creative head in order to present content in a manner that will translate to sales surge.

So, how do you get your hands on such jobs? Work your way through and demonstrate your writing capabilities. Make companies need you by producing the best copies they will ever have.

Once you have become a brand in copywriting, you will never have to scavenge for writing gigs.


Freelance Blogging

When you have a successful blog, people and companies will want you to write their blogs too. Various companies including  the world giants have discovered the value of blogging. They are using blogging as a marketing medium to boost their sales and your experience and expertise would be very useful.

However, nobody will come looking for you  unless you have  made a name for yourself in blogging.

How will anyone know that you are the perfect freelance blogger for them if you have not let yourself be known?  Make your blog worth reading and invest in marketing it.

When your blogging success is obvious, everybody will want you to blog for them.

Sometimes you will find freelance blogging jobs even without a personal blog. When this happens, make a name for yourself . Make yourself proud of you.

The above are just the major money makers for freelance writers. There are more writing jobs for freelance writers than you can ever imagine.

Every freelance writer is out to make money. Nothing more. Nothing less. Whatever you do, write for money, write for life.