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Try these 13 tips and you will soon be earning a consistent income and enjoying what you do as well!
Advice for Newbie Freelancers

Everyday, more and more people decide to take a chance and do something to earn money freelancing. Whether their goals are to earn a full time living or simply to have extra on the side, here are 13 tips to help newbie freelancers.


Write everyday

This will naturally help you to improve your writing s well as get you in the habit.


Content mills

Newbie freelance writers will find this useful as it is easy money but low paying, but it does have the advantage of getting you prepared for writing on a wide variety of subjects.


Learn how to pitch

This is stuff for many of us, but if you learn to sell yourself and your story, you will get better clients much faster, and don’t worry, as a newbie freelance writer, your ideas might be more refreshing than those of an experienced writer.


Accept rejection

It’s going to happen, someone will not like your work, but try and receive the constructive criticism, use it and keep going.


Take courses

As a newbie freelance writer, there will be some areas you may want to look at to improve your writing. Take a creative writing, marketing, or copywriting course, as you improve, you will be able to get better jobs, and possibly land that long-term client we all look for.


Qualifications don’t matter

If you can write, that is all the client cares about.


Write about what you want

If you write about the things you want to write about, you will be able to hone your skill for that niche and write for whom you want.


Just do it

Yes, that is a slogan, but being afraid and waiting will get you nowhere.


Develop a niche

This way you will have deep knowledge about a topic and you can funnel out the right opportunities for you.


Stay focused

Keep honing your niche skills and pitch the type of clients you want for the type of assignments you would love to write.



Guest post

This will simply get you out there and help others see your work.



This may not be for everyone, but it will help you to get regular writing practice and if you are writing on your own blog, you will be able to write about what you want.


Read  about Writing

Reading will help you as you go. It will help you hone your craft, get over writer’s block, and streamline your writing. Most of such materials are chock full of advice to help you succeed.


Try these 13 tips and you will soon be earning a consistent income and enjoying what you do as well!