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A freelance writer without motivation
The 5 Killers of Motivation in Freelance Writing

Freelance writers encounter countless challenges that they have to overcome before they can taste success. Such challenges often take a toll on their motivation, which can be disastrous to a freelancing career.

Dear freelance writers, look out for the following killers of motivation:


1. Lack of Knowledge and Skills

When a freelance writer realizes that they possess neither the knowledge nor skills  required to complete a project, it is only natural that they feel disappointed in themselves. Unfortunately, some writers do not recover  and they end up giving up on their budding freelancing careers.

Interestingly, this is one of the easiest problems to solve in this field. You only need to work hard and acquire the knowledge and skills you are lacking in.


2. Low Self-esteem

Lack of self-worth is cancerous to any career and freelance writing is not an different. If you do not believe in yourself. who will? You therefore have the responsibility to work on improving your self esteem and the best way to do this is through experience and  acquiring new knowledge and skills daily.

Self-worth also helps you relate well with your clients since you are able to confidently charge your worth.


3. Rejection

Once in a while, freelance writers face rejection, especially from clients, both existing and prospective ones.  One must learn to pick themselves up when comments from critics bring them down.

You cannot afford to stay down while you have a promising career to run.


4. Fatigue

Some freelance writers work too hard and end up too drained to go ahead and they end up losing out on lucrative writing projects. They forget that their bodies need to take a rest just like like every body else’s.

Fatigue eats into your motivation which a freelance writer cannot go far without. Take a break from your work regularly so you do not get too weary for the next project.


5. Failure to Achieve Goals

Nobody likes to fall short of their own expectations and this is usually a major killer of motivation. Re-evaluate your goals and determine how reasonable they are. It could be that you set too high standards compared to your capabilities.

With personal goals, you have the luxury of making adjustments from time to time to suit your liking.

Discover what awakens your motivation and apply it when the killers of motivation strike.