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How to handle an urgent order

Some writers, when on an urgent order, all they do is forget about everything including the order itself. When they start writing, they start writing everything that comes to their fingers and not their minds. This because of the pressure associated with writing an urgent paper. That is how a writer, given an history paper, submitted it with chemical equations and scientific diagrams describing the newtons laws of motion. When on earth did a history paper have a chemical equation?

It is discouraging that some papers give us pressure as writers because of a reason even we shy telling ourselves, managing time properly. When some of us applied for the jobs we are, we said we can work under minimum supervision. Come today, we cant work even under maximum supervision. Very few cover letters speak the truth. No one ever said in their application letters that they are liars, everyone is honest, including Ananias and Sapphira of the bible who lied to God. Could we have them today, they could proudly tell employers they are honest.Young tired business woman sleeping on the keyboard at work

Back to the urgent order we were doing, Sapphira were not dealing with any urgent order. Now, here is what you need to comfortably handle an urgent order. Forget about everything, except your project.Stay calm. Panicking is not the character of a freelancer. Save that for the ladies’ wedding day. All you need is to be composed, acknowledge the paper is out of time and understand that it needs your best. Do not attend anything that is less urgent than your current project, that is how accidents occur.

You just clicked on Google to find any relevant information on the topic. All you find is just pictures and a few words reviews when you need 1000 words for the paper. Again, I see you panic. What do you think panicking will have to solve? Nothing. And why can you consider engaging the client in this. It is better to go to your mail, ask if the client can give some more time for the paper. You will be surprised they do

Communication is very important in solving any urgent issue. However, when some writers encounter such amounts of pressure, they opt to go missing and later come to give handicapped excuses. These are issues that could have been solved by simple communication. All the best with the paper.

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