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Dreams vs. Reality; how did we become freelancers

If you think you are going to land a management job just after you get your degree, then you are under influence of some drug whose effects have not been tested yet. A teacher asked students such a question and, guess what, only two students did not raise their hands. You thought they had a different thought? Well, they did not understand what the teacher asked. When the teacher clarified this, all hands were up! Now you know what our minds are up to. Study, finish college, go home rest for a week, then log in to your management job. Right?

That sounds funny! But it is true. Come to grow up, management became just a mentality and not an occupation. That is how most of us were introduced to the keyboard. Since then, we have learnt that the keyboard does not only change the effects in the virtual DJ software, type the name of the latest movie in the internet, or control the EURO Track Simulator-that game of driving trucks heavier than the TITANIC. At least now I know I can use the keyboard to sign up for a PayPal account, log in to the best freelance jobs account and work on several projects to earn money.

Back then, when the teacher asked about the future managers, all hand were up. Come today and ask the same question to the same people, you could think they were under a medical condition that required them never to raise their hands up, especially when referring to the confidence they had when raising their hands back then!

Well, it was because we could not read anything serious than the gossip magazines and we have to learn through the hard way!