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Common Problems Faced by New Freelancers

For new freelancers, even the definition of a freelancer is a problem. And there follows all other problems. However, all veterans came from this avenue and there is no one who should look at new freelancers with eyes suggesting that they are from another unknown planet! Problems are everywhere and so it is for new freelancers. Here are some.

Low prices

Very low prices are a magnet to a client. They will attract even like poles! New freelancers make extremely low bids and they have no idea what they are doing. Some clients will take advantage of them while others ignore them as the prices are unrealistically low. We all know about things that come so cheaply.

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Stressing clients

For new freelancers, it is mostly difficult to know how to sign a contract with the client. They do all work, and wait for the client to remind themselves to pay. If they don’t pay, no follow up is made. Eventually you end up waiting for 99 years to be sure the client was not to pay you!

Lack of experience

You haven’t understood the full meaning of the word freelancing, and then you meet a client who wants over 10 years of experience in freelancing! That is challenging. However, it is good for new freelancers to choose small, less paying projects for a start. Through this, you will get important tips of handling any kind of projects – including brain surgery!

Poor research skills

New freelancers often lack sufficient research skills. Interaction with other experienced freelancers to have a hint how they conduct their research can be more than helpful for new freelancers. Freelancing is more of research and new freelancers should understand that.

In as much as we make money in our pajamas, there are several challenges we go through as freelancers especially new ones. It is through dedication and hard work and consistence that we make it in the freelancing world!