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A world without writers, would it evolve?

You just finished that $900 order you have been working on close to a month, only two minutes ago, and you just want to sleep for 36 consecutive hours. So you are not listening to anything less than a lullaby song! Only writers know this, the merry-go-round you find yourself riding in while in bed after a technical paper.

Writing is a calling – not an occupation. If you don’t believe in this, try to apply for anything online that will require you to choose your occupation from a list. Then you can try finding the writing option. I bet you won’t. That is how writing is a ‘file-not-supported’ occupation in the contemporary world. Even the developer of the system who omitted the option in the occupation field, graduated after a hardworking writer had spent wee hours of the day coming up with objectives of their dissertation. Perhaps the developer does not remember that anyway. Or do you expect them to? Then you should restart your medulla…

Now, the magazine which made your boss forget and miss a very important meeting was because of the writer’s time on the keyboard. Writers make the world beautiful. Have you ever imagined a world without writers? Would it evolve? Maybe yes, but probably not in the right direct direction. Millions of people say they can’t do an hour without the internet. That means they will have to log in to their favorite blog (your blog) to see your post. If you never posted even for a day, they will remind you to write because they can’t do without reading your stories. They do not know what it takes to come up with a blog post especially one that is a ‘must read’! They don’t. Only writers do.

Ben Carson wrote a book called ‘Think big’. He must have been talking about writers just like himself. Who else in this world earns $2000 p.m. working from their pajamas! Try finding out from any search engine. All you will see is… ‘Did you mean writers?’

Dear writer, as you found that job that made you start cheating on your keyboard, you should know how resourceful you have been to someone out there. They spent sleepless nights trying to have their proposal done. That feeling of getting a fail in their final year of study haunted them much, until they met you. They may forget, yes, but we will not. That is why we value our writers!

Long live writers!