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5 Things Successful People Never Do

All of us are chasing success in our lives; careers, businesses or relationships. Until we have tasted success, we never seem to understand what it takes to stay successful and a successful person will tell you that it is more difficult to stay at the top than to get there. What keeps successful people at the top? There are certain things that they do not do, things that if they did would bring down the results of their hard work in a snap.

Every freelance writer needs to know how to remain successful.


#1. Successful People Do not Stop Working

You mus have heard before that success is a journey and not a destination. You will never  quite get there and successful people know this too well. Challenges keep popping up on your way to the top and so do needs. One must keep working to maintain everything they have achieved  and so this means that you will know no rest.


#2. They Don’t Let it Go to their Heads

Some people get too successful too fast that they crumble as fast or even faster. People who have made it appreciate their experience throughout their journey to success and they know better than to get too comfortable with it. The worst thing that can happen to a freelance writer is to think that they are unbeatable.

Remember that there are brilliant people coming up with great ideas every day. If you are not careful , zealous dreamers will trample over you before you realize it.


#3. People Who have Made it Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Haters

This is how they got to their level in the first place. There will always be evil voices that think you are wasting your life on freelance writing. They come with proof that there are better things to do and if you are not firm, you will give up too soon.

Successful people do not cower to such harsh comments or get discouraged by negative critics. They are optimists who see opportunities in every challenge and so every evil voice for them represents proof that what they are into is the real thing.


#4. They Never Give Up

Success and despair are no bedfellows and successful people keep it that way. The road to success is rough and you , must persevere  to get there. Challenges will never cease. Get that into your head and brace yourself for more difficult times.


#5. Successful Persons Never Lose Their Contacts

You never know when you are going to need that ‘nobody’ that you met on your way to the top. This is one fact that successful people have to keep reminding themselves

Keep your contacts. No man is an island.