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How much are you charging your freelance writing clients?
Writing Tips: How To Charge Your Freelance Writing Clients

Are you making enough money freelance writing? Is it an amount so good that you would not think twice before quitting your day job? If no, you need to think about how much you are charging your freelance writing clients.

A professional freelance writer ought to know how to set their rates without going too low or unrealistically high. You need to know how to strike the balance between the two without losing clients or appearing too desperate.

When it comes to freelancing rates there is no way around it; you have to get it right the first time you make the quotation.

Clients will always want to pay less than your quoted charges and you must know when to stand your ground  and when to give in to their demands.

So, how do freelance writers charge for their writing services? There are several ways to charge for writing jobs.

Type of Work

You can decide to set your charges depending on the type of order you are handling. Writing jobs vary from news articles, web content articles, E books, reviews, blog posts etc. Remember also that the complexity of the particular type of work also  affects the charges.

You need to study the market and find out how much other writers charge for the same types of jobs. This will ensure you do not come up with ridiculous rates, so ridiculous that clients literally flee from you.

Use the internet extensively to compare rates between various writers and see where you fit most.

Hourly Rates

Some freelance writers charge on hourly basis ($/hour) and make good money too. In this instance you have to be careful how you crunch the  numbers until you arrive at favorable figures. Your current annual salary can be very helpful when coming up with the amount you want to make out of a freelancing career.

Do the maths and see if it makes sense. Divide your annual salary by the number of work days(writing days) you have in a year.   You can then set your rates based on the knowledge. This especially helps when you are dealing with long term clients whom you are likely to have from January to December.


$ Per Word Basis

This is another means of coming up with the rates you want to charge. The amount charged is usually directly proportional to the number of words per order  and so a writer must sit and do their maths before making a quotation.

It also helps to properly understand the order so you do not get ugly surprises later. Do not forget that the type of order may also affect how much you charge per word.

This calls on you to be professional when you want to determine how to charge your freelancing clients.

Whichever method you choose to adopt, you must know that there is no substitute to quality. Clients will need to you to match your skills with the amount you charge. This however does not leave room for shoddy freelance writers to charge less to compensate  for their low quality work.

Freelance writing is a career for professional writers and they must stamp their authority while delivering top-notch writing services.