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Why You Need To Read Wide

Writing traces its roots back to reading.  Best writers are those who read every word they come across-even on bill boards. The greatest issue with reading is, there is no much time for reading! Wait, which part of the clock did you get to take your meals or have time for family and friends? Do not forget the meeting you attend and the TV program you keep your eyes to.

Here is the secret to read more. Do not load in your mind that reading is an activity. It ought to be a natural event, just like you take your meals. If, to you, reading is involuntary as breathing, a process controlled by hormones, congratulations. However, if it becomes a voluntary act that you must consult the ancestors before doing, then you must have gotten it wrong.  When reading is involuntary, you will never mind spending money to buy a book. Erasmus once said, “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes”. You don’t need to attend a double lecturer to know that no one can do without food. Basically he values books as much as he values food.  When you want a book, don’t plan to buy it, buy it!

magic book with a landscape

Having convinced you to buy the book (it actually costs pennies on Amazon), you might want to know why I want you to read.  There are several benefits of reading.

Reading makes you have higher intelligence than before. Are you there? I see your post on Facebook and Twitter, ‘I am not competing with anyone, I only want to become better than I was yesterday’. That is vocal, as usual. Now you need to be practical. Read, get intelligent and be better than you were yesterday. You will read two more pages today. Wont you?

Reading reduces stress! Do the math. You avoided buying the book. You will eventually see the doctor for counselling because you are stressed. The doctor charges you, your health is affected too, and that is a double loss. Must you be an expert in technical drawing and trigonometry to see this? Read books sweetheart.

Reading also improves your analytical thinking. A quick check on our best writers tells me about people who have a culture of reading.  Reading will increase your general knowledge and improve your reasoning. People will always have that keen ear for such people. You want to join them? Open the next page, read.

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