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working on the wrong order 2
When you realize you are working on a wrong order!!


As a writer, once in a lifetime, you will find yourself picking a project that will have you regret why you ever thought of becoming a writer! Imagine picking a paper you are sure you can handle, and then in the middle of the paper, you realize you are working on a wrong order! You are researching, and all the search engines can give you is a just picture of the topic and a review of 27 words, when you need 700 words from it!

If you ever get privileged to meet a writer in this situation, you will have attended -for free,  a show greater than a theatre performance  where you are to pay over $1000 dollars. They are always on a ‘battery low’ mode.  It really hurts to see a beautiful girl bite her fingers, as they struggle to complete an out-of-time order they haven’t even started!

a stressed writer

That is what defines a writer anyway.

One writer says “I once picked a paper I had no idea even which subject it was falling, then after the introduction part, which I all got from my head, I could not proceed to find even a single word to write on. Regretting why I had chosen to be a writer, I felt like my career was ending then. I played with my cursor around the ‘withdraw order’ button for minutes before I finally decided to have a deep breath and say to myself…I have to make this happen.  All I remember is a message from the client wishing I could handle all his papers!”

‘Wrong order’ is what is in your mind?  It is not. Once you understand this is possible, then you can successfully complete a paper in the field of brain surgery-even if your area of expertise is history or linguistics.

Is this true? Writers know it better. If this is not true, then you will realise that guns don’t kill writers….wrong papers kill writers!!

But the strong will always survive!