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What to Look for in a Writers’ Management System

Most  freelance writing agents appreciate the value of a writers’ management system, which makes it easier to manage writers’ accounts, orders as well as payments. You will agree that this makes freelance writing much easier, especially on the writer’s end.

So, what are the characteristics of a top notch system?

Easy to Navigate

Ease in navigation is essential to  both the writer and the system administrator. It should therefore be easy to learn and operate, not one that requires users to have computer-guru skills. Developers must be made to understand that the system should be tailored for  average Joes who need to feel at home as much as possible.


The use of technology must work better than the former typewriter and mailbox era where we had to do all the work. One must be able to fulfill all their needs at the comfort of their desks without having to stretch too much muscle.

A writer must be able to do more with less. That’s the essence of a writers’ system.

Time Saving

If  order assignment,  revisions, approvals  and payments cannot happen within the system, then you are not there yet. A winning system must process orders and payments in real-time. Who has the time to keep scanning and sending documents? That is too archaic!

Aesthetic Appeal

A writer needs to find the system likeable, fancy, beautiful and the rest of adjectives that describe eye-appeal. Developers must therefore have a keen eye on  color  and graphics . Writers are visual beings and you must invest in  impressing  them.

At  we have been giving   our writers this and more. You will get to enjoy convenience ,speed and fun with our writers’ system, so much that you will wish we had met sooner.

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