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To be able to create something from scratch is a joy. You become the god of your own creation.
The Creative Mind

Creativity comes in many different forms. The artist paints, the musician composes, the writer writes.


To be able to create something from scratch is a joy. You become the god of your own creation. Personally, I enjoy listening to a piece of classical music that transports me to another realm. I take great pleasure in studying a work of art and gaze in wonder at the artist’s skill. Sadly I paint as well as I compose a piece of music, terribly. However I can write and it is good to create a piece of writing that I can be proud of and to inspire and encourage others.


Be thankful for your creative gifts. In your writing this week I challenge you to enjoy it. Forget for a moment the publishers and editors who are pushing you into deadlines. Override the feeling that being a freelance writer can be difficult. Sit and give thanks to whatever God you believe in for the wonderful gift you have. The blank page stares from the computer screen daring you to produce something wonderful and you have the ability to do it.


Words are powerful. The lyrics from a song may resonate with you personally. A good television programme or film can grip you with the spoken words of wonderfully drawn characters. A novel can pull you into its pages by the author’s skill in engaging you. Words can make you laugh, cry, shout with anger, and bring you peace. Words can wound you and words can uplift you. Words can challenge you and words can inspire you.

Perhaps there are words that you define your life by. Those words came from somebody just like you. The creative impulse took over their imagination and something meaningful was created.


I am sure you have written something that felt like a chore. Pleasing an editor is not always pleasing yourself. So this week make yourself happy.   Find the time to write on something that you are passionate about. Enjoy the flow of your fingers hitting the keyboard. Let your imagination take you to new and exciting places and be the master of the words you are creating. It doesn’t matter if you are writing to inspire others or your own creative impulses. Be proud of your writing. Have fun with your writing. Write, because that is what you were born to do.