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How well does freelance writing pay?

After going through all dictionaries to define your title to be, for a new freelancer, you probably found yourself, from nowhere, looking for how well your new title will pay. As a result, you popped into this page and you are hoping that after reading this, you will not find any unanswered question and you will not go further. Well, you may go or may not. I wish you don’t. Who is not jealous in this world? Me? Then you need to report your drugs supplier to the police for supplying you with contaminated goods!

New freelance writers may expect too much. Just like everyone else wishes, they want their bank account’s balance hanging next to Bill Gates’. Mind you, a few hours ago, they were busy misunderstanding the meaning of the word freelancing!

Having joined the industry, we all learn through the hard way that, it takes a lot of blood, pain and tears to be a freelancer! Now, if you want to increase the place value of the first digit of your account balance, be sure you have more tears to shed. If none, you are harming your eyes. Be sure you are ready to endure pain. When you earn, you always feel you deserve that. It is then that you notice a post on the internet with a link to ‘how to earn easy money’ and know it is a lie without having to construct a diagram to illustrate. Who does that?? Not in today’s world. Even the Illuminati don’t do that despite the fact that they have unlimited cash-as we think- or do you think those guys ever get broke? Then we must be using very different hormones to think!

Am deviating out of the topic, sorry. This is why the editors get stressed when they receive my paper for editing! We were asking how well does freelance work pay. It is simple. You determine what you earn. Where you take jobs as well as your expertise is the most important. Your skill is the reason the client saved your contact address in their most important documents. If you lack it, nobody will ever want to even know whether you exist.

Some small, non-scientific sampling was conducted by some enthusiasts to determine how well freelancers earn. The results indicated that 44% averaged below 1000 USD. 27% ranged between 1000 and 2000 USD while 28% averaged over 2000 USD per month. Like I said, this is not scientific. However, the digits do not deviate too much from the ones scientists could have. After all, have you heard that scientists take ages to conduct experiments only to come up with findings an old man spends seconds to give!

So, this is take home message. If you think you will forget, I don’t mind you giving me the home contacts so I can forward them the message. Well, the message is you can earn very serious money by freelancing.

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