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A happy freelance writer
How To Make the Most Out of a Freelancing Career

So you have decided to go freelancing full time? That’s a really good decision you made there. However, that you made the big leap is not a guarantee that you will be joining the millionaires’ club in a snap.

You have just began a tough journey, and you are traveling a lonely and rough path. You need to know the dos and don’t s that will most likely land you at your desired destiny.

Be Patient

It is going to be a while until you can finally smile at your account balance. You need all the perseverance you can find since you will have numerous ‘opportunities’ to throw in the towel.
You’ve got to play deaf to the evil voices that keep telling you that you made the worst mistake of your life.

You need to prove to yourself that you made the right decision when you decided to try the deep waters.

Market Yourself

People will never know that you are a great freelance writer unless you put yourself out there. Let clients discover you. Take advantage of your social media following to market yourself. Your friends and family can provide inexpensive marketing.

Your never know, your next client may be a friend of a friend!!


Blogging is the most effective form of marketing for a freelance writer. Start your own blog and use it to demonstrate your prowess. Find out everything that makes a blog standout and how to use it to get clients.

All this information is easily found on the internet. Just a click away.
Just so you know, bloggers who stick to a particular niche or their expertise have higher chances of making it big. This means that you need to find yourself first before you start a blog. Let it be a representation of you, so that you do not struggle with the content.

Keep Your Clients

This is the easiest! Simply keep your clients. Do not by any means give them a reason to consider hiring another writer.
How do you keep them stuck on you? Deliver top notch writing services and you will never have to worry about losing your clients to your competition.

Only Bite as Much as You Can Chew

Do not embarrass yourself by picking projects that you cannot handle. Most upcoming freelance writers are too greedy and so they end up accepting projects that they have no clue about.

A client will never give you a second chance to mess them up. Be careful with every assignment, unless you want your clients to flee from you as if you were a plague.

Spend Wisely

You are all excited that you are making such an insane amount in so short a time. It is your money and you have every right to spend it as you wish. However, you will never enjoy the fruits of your hard work if you splurge all your earnings on unimportant stuff.

Employ financial management skills or else you will end up penniless.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and you have made it. Keep walking till you reach your goals and when you get there, keep walking.

A happy freelance writer

A happy freelance writer