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Relax and find inspiration
How Freelance Writers Find Inspiration

For one to succeed in anything, they must remain inspired and it is no easy task. With challenges that we encounter daily, it is quite difficult to remain in high spirits even when nothing seems to be right. In freelance writing, you have no option but to search for inspiration whenever  the well runs dry.


Take a break and Have Fun

Motivation and inspiration work hand in hand and you cannot do without any of them. Your lack of inspiration could be resulting from fatigue and therefore you need to take a deserved break, just to unwind. Relaxation does wonders to the brain and ultimately restores strength to  the body. Go swimming, bowling, horse riding,  or any other activity that helps you relax. You will be feeling brand new in  no time  and ready to continue making money through writing.

Revisit Your Goals

Sometimes all you need is to  remember your purpose, your dreams and aspirations. Ask yourself why you are in the freelance writing business and why you need to keep writing. Your answers will push you  to get out of bed into your active and hardworking self.

Count Your Triumphs

Some people would call it counting your blessings but whichever it is that you prefer, you need to look back and see the far you have come. Remember all the challenges you have overcome to get to where you are today, the late nights and rising at dawn to build your freelancing career. Your conscience will tell you that you  cannot afford to give up at this point when you have grown so much from a clueless amateur to the writing guru that you are today.


Reading is therapeutic to any writer because it is thr0ugh reading that you remind your heart how to dance to the rhythm of letters. You get to  appreciate  the writing styles applied by other writers and who knows? It could be the cue that your brain has been waiting for!

Reading inspires writers to keep writing.


There are moments that you feel too worn out to type one more letter but it is then that you must find a zillion reasons to do it.Whenever you do not feel like writing,  you must strive to write.You need to start the flow of thoughts by typing the first letter. Trust me, you will be amazed at how fast your inspiration awakens to the sound of your fingers tapping on the keyboard.