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If you are to focus on your goals and earn money in this profession, you need to sweep away those things that hinder you.
Freelancing Tips: Being A Tidy Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer you need to get into the habit of regularly tidying up anything that gets in the way of your productivity. If you are to focus on your goals and earn money in this profession, you need to sweep away those things that hinder you.


Consider the following:



Your work space


You need to get rid of anything that is going to hinder your writing day. Having a clean environment is a way to rid yourself of distraction. It is unlikely that a messy room and desk is helpful to your creative state of mind. If there is something on your desk that you don’t need, move it! Get rid of week old coffee cups. Put away your coloured pens. Bin the empty sweet wrappers. Throw away old notes for projects you have completed. Your desk needs to have the space to accommodate anything you need for that day. You need to focus on the job at hand, so tidy up your environment to enable you to do just that.


Your computer screen


Organise your files into recognisable folders. Its no good spending half an hour of your writing day searching for a document because of poor organisation. Have a specific folder for your writing projects. Perhaps have sub folders for completed work and work in progress. Have important folders on your desktop to enable quick access.


Clear your email inbox too. Put important emails into folders. For example have an email folder for writing assignments and another for finance. Delete any email that is no longer useful. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer wish to receive. Block spam email.


Your mind


Tidying your work-space and computer is a healthy way to assist your mind. There are other ways. If your head is full of ideas write them down. Make checklists of anything you need to achieve rather than trying to remember them all. Try and put to one side other mental distractions such as ideas for dinner, your social engagements and that television programme you need to record. Once in the writing zone, stay in the writing zone. Focus your mind on  writing.


Your clients


Narrow down the number of clients you work for. If a specific client is paying you and allowing you to write on something you enjoy then stick with them. If another client pays you little and you don’t enjoy working for them, then ditch them. It sounds harsh but there are untapped sources of income that other clients may be able offer you. Being a freelance writer gives you some allowance to be flexible so shop around.